Top 10 Reasons Citizenship is Denied

Top 10 Reasons Citizenship Is Denied

The path to obtaining citizenship in the United States can be full of unexpected challenges and pitfalls. Extremely detailed requirements, strict timelines, and complex rules can make the process difficult to understand, confusing, and intimidating. Early consultation with an immigration lawyer can ensure your application has the greatest possible chance of success.

A strong offense is the best way to reach your goal

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service most frequently denies citizenship applications for a variety of specific reasons. They review your file in its entirety, beginning with your first entry to the present and re-reviewing past applications that have already been approved to see if those were approved erroneously. Several of these issues can be minimized or entirely prevented by working with an attorney before submitting your application.

Identify and address potential problem areas

It pays to meet with a lawyer to discuss the most common reasons that citizenship applications are denied even if you don’t believe any apply to you. If after reviewing your situation an attorney determines there might be a potential issue, they can provide specific guidance on how best to remedy the situation.

Getting the details right

An immigration attorney can ensure that you understand and will correctly complete the required paperwork for you. This reduces the possibility of encountering difficulties during the review process because of inconsistent statements made on the application.

Having a game plan works

This strategic approach of having an immigration lawyer on your team puts power in your hands. It allows you to preemptively address areas of concern that might create problems during the review of your application.

Ten common reasons for citizenship denial

1. Failing to register with the Selective Service
2. Possessing a fraudulent Green Card or any fraud in your immigration history
3. Having a criminal history
4. Giving dishonest answers on the citizenship application or any past applications
5. Not filing and pay taxes
6. Not paying child support
7. Issues with English proficiency
8. Poor performance during the citizenship interview
9. Having an expired Green Card
10. Not passing the Civic Test

Preemptive action is key when it comes to preparing a successful citizenship application. Meeting with an experienced immigration attorney from the Law Office of Mayra L. Calo to discuss these issues before submitting your initial citizenship application will minimize future obstacles and increase your ability to successfully navigate the process. Tampa immigration attorney Mayra Calo puts power into the hands of her clients.