The Basics of Immigration Law

Each year, the United States grants legal and permanent residency to a total of 675,000 foreign nationals from countries around the world. There is a specific process in place for seeking residency or naturalization, and that is where you should start. Unfortunately, too many people seek asylum outside the parameters of the law.

Immigration status is granted based on the set of principles upon which the Immigration and Naturalization Act, INA, is based. In fact, this is the basis of immigration law that is set up to:

  • Reunify families
  • Grant residency to immigrants with particular skillsets
  • Protect political refugees
  • Further diversification within our nation

However, each of those categories is so complex that it takes an immigration lawyer to interpret the letter of the law. In other words, there is a fluidity to each classification. A good immigration attorney like the Ms. Calo can call on case law as well as the legal code to win residency for clients.